We as Big Brother have a combined experience of 21 years in the fields of management consultancy, legal expertise, student affairs and new immigrants are our forte. Mentoring of international students and immigrants are two of the most important pillars to our professional ideology

We, The Big Brothers have traveled globally to gain education and social exposure. In our travels, we found many generic or common issues that we personally faced and so did others who we had the privilege to meet as journeymen

Our aim and motto are to find convenient and swift resolutions to these common issues or barriers that most people are forced to endure. We as the Big Brothers thrive on our reputation, ethics, and values. As we too had looked for assistance in our days of struggle and many at times professionals merely pointed out obvious solutions


Big Brothers are one of you. Big Brothers are people who come from very similar walks of life who encountered situations and problems a new student on foreign land is yet to face. Big Brothers have partaken the same journey that a new student is setting upon. They have been burnt by similar circumstances and got over them, they now wish to help avoid situations that can be easily evaded. Bitter experiences can slow down the progress but assistance and a nudge towards prosperity is a goal that a Big Brother will work tirelessly to achieve. Many of Big Brothers have their own jobs, personal lives, and yet they are willing to help out the new students is where the essence of brothers lies. In this new journey, they cannot be taken for granted and deserve respect & dignity, because we believe in reciprocating love with love, dignity with dignity, and respect with care.

Big Brothers will not only stand with the new students but also help shape young lives, while work determinedly to groom the next generation of Students & Immigrants in Canada. Lead the way to build a community by building bonds and a good name for the future. With great hope and right intentions, we bring to you The Big Brother



The student will be introduced to the assigned brother prior to their departure for Canada. The introduction of the brother will not only ensure the commitment given under Pre-Arrival but also build a rapport before arrival so that the pick-up and other aspects can be placed and planned comfortably beforehand to render your planning and travel become a comfortable and stress-free experience


Advising the student on actual necessities would save them from unforeseeable issues and road blocks. Some important Pre-Travel advices would include: Documentation, detailed advice for flight travel, airport & travel ethics, steps through immigration and most importantly general and common mistakes made by first time travelers in terms of baggage and habits


The Pre-assigned brother would coordinate before hand with the student and would personally be present to provide pick-up service. Not only would this save the student from discomfort or confusion but also protect them from being victims to taxi scams, saving them from any initial disappointments on the land of promise


The essence of brothers is not only just to provide comfort but guidance. Once the student lands in Canada, the first major task is to find a shelter. By the time the student lands, the brother would have narrowed down a minimum of 2 options for a suitable accommodation tailored to your needs or finances. After pick- up the student would be taken to their accommodation, thereby cutting the middle process which is usually hindered by jet lag, inexperience, confusion, nervousness as the majority are first-timers and many face culture and language barrier


Once in Canada there will be many steps that are necessary for survival and continuation of day-to-day life. For many, confusion starts from Day 1 as learning to live in a new country is not easy. Our Brothers will be there to help the student make a smooth transition. The Brother will help the new student acquire his Social Insurance Number, Bank Account, Local Provincial ID, Driver License, Phone Contract, Health Insurance, among other things which are essential to be productive As most people living in Canada went through the procedure a long time ago and hence lack the knowledge and time to help the new student through these essential requirements. That’s when a
“Brother in need will be your Brother indeed”


Time and cost efficiency will be of optimal importance in your initial year in Canada. Buying groceries and other commodities at an efficient price will hold utmost importance. The Brother will introduce the student to stores & supermarket with Best Deals, Variety and Prices. Important requirement in the first year may include: Furniture, electronics, sports equipment, study equipment, weather accustomed clothing etc.


Most Countries have their own unique travel system that can confuse even the most seasoned traveler. Big Brother will personally introduce you and guide you through the public transit system. It usually takes a long time to figure the system out by yourself. Our goal would be to guide you through the shortest, fastest, and cheapest way to your most frequent destination to save you not only money and time but also a vast amount of energy


This provision ensures a systematic run-through of emergency services like Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Pharmacies, Police stations, etc. in synchronization with the surrounding and neighborhood of your chosen accommodation. The times of this pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson on health care and we will ensure the student has well versed with the surroundings


In addition to affordable housing and food an income to sustain the two is of utmost importance and we consider it a basic necessity of life. Canada is a land of promise and we intend to ensure that the student or new immigrant pursues that promise. To make that happen we would support the student to adapt to the new culture and introduce them to the dignity of labor. We would mentor them in making a resume, help to find work, preparing them for an interview, and adapting to the new work environment to safeguard the smoothest transition into their new life in Canada and enable them to settle down with dignity and pride